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A Complete Overview Of Interior Design Trends 2022 

It is too old-fashioned to think of a house as just a place for furniture storage and sleep. Most of a person's life is always devoted to work and other activities. Since life develops, people tend to enjoy it more. So they need to build a comfortable space to relax and enjoy after tiring working days. Interior design is always the top concern of people living in their own apartments. In order to create freshness and certainty in construction and decoration, interior design partners always research and update trends to optimize customer needs. Here are 5 interior design trends in 2022 that promise to make your home more beautiful and comfortable than ever!

1. Cottagecore - Bringing nature into design

The indoor space will become very close and airy when our interiors are all items from nature.

If in the past sustainability was the inclination to determine the interior of the house, now it is the sobriety of the soul that makes customers make decisions for any design style!n apartment.

Design a house with a unified natural space from exterior to interior. Keeping pace with the new trend of the times, the selection of interior materials with natural and rustic beauty such as rattan, bamboo and cork is increasingly used in interior design, bringing a sense of lightness. Elegant interior materials, honoring a slow lifestyle and harmony with nature. In addition, the use of modern bamboo mesh partitions or sofas, curtains with woven silk fabrics are also one of the highlighting factors.

Combining the green of indoor plants or balconies, terraces, and gardens will create lively nature in your own moder.

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2.  Modern with tone sur tone space


With today's fast-paced life, taking care of the apartment space every day is something not everyone can do. Therefore, interior design "tone sur tone" is always the first choice to both ensure aesthetics and save time for homeowners.

Designs with a minimalist style but giving a distinct impression are always the target of tone sur tone spaces. The main colors of this style are usually white, gray and beige. The combination with most furniture of the same color tone will help the overall house easily connect but not monotonous.


















With a minimalist style, homeowners will not have to be afraid of being outdated. With just a little touch, your apartment has become very different from the original.

Round and large furniture such as round lamps, round sofas, round paintings, ... will be prioritized to create vivid effects in this style house.

Not flashy, not extravagant, no frills, interior design in a modern but minimalist style "less is more" is gradually becoming a trend that many people are aiming for. Focusing only on the essentials based on technical expertise and keen aesthetic is what this design style will bring to you.

3. Wood - becomes mainstream

What is the art of mixing wood tones in your home? Honestly, figuring out how to incorporate multiple wood tones in a house is a very difficult puzzle for a designer to solve! But if it can be completely combined, this will be a design trend that will never go out of fashion over the years.

Inspired by Scandinavian style. The trend of using light wood surfaces is not only for flooring but also for wall and ceiling applications.





Not only using imitation wood colors, industrial pressed wood. The use of rustic wooden blocks for interior decoration has become a hobby of homeowners in recent years.

Using large blocks of wood that has not been pressed or created to make tables and chairs, cabinets, shelves or even ceilings and walls is one of the unique features of this style.

The use of rustic wood materials not only confirms the value of the interior, this is also a way to create emotions to bring those whose souls are in tune with mother nature. From there, you will feel that the house is the bridge between the hustle and bustle of the city and the majesty of the vast forests.























This style is sure to touch the hearts of wood furniture lovers, who love the nostalgia that is rustic and unforgettable!


4. Houseplant - The best house ever!

Creating a smooth green space with hundreds of plants in the family is one of the very bold designs for those who have a lot of time to enjoy life at home, love nature and have a soul in tune with the world. tree. Houseplant - green building is always the first priority of home designers who tend to live in green spaces.
























Home design with cool light colors is really suitable for highlighting plants. The biggest highlight of this style is the unexpected "freshness". Indoor plants not only help increase oxygen but also filter pollutants in the environment.

In addition, with feng shui plants grown in the house not only beautify the house but also help bring fortune, luck and health to the whole family.





The only downside is that caring for these plants indoors requires knowledge, time, and meticulousness. If you are not someone who is capable of creating a garden with hundreds of plants, designing a house in this style will be a huge challenge!


5. Bali Style- Tropical house to keep you comfortable


It is easy to understand that throughout 2020, people have had to fight epidemics and suffocation. So the desire to be free in an airy style will be the leading interior design trend of 2022.


Bali Style is not for those who "live in a hurry". It's not the "instant noodle" interior design style. On the contrary, it requires you to really have strong opinions and ideas. Maybe the tropical style will not cost you too much money, but it will certainly be a difficult problem for you to create.


Tropical style encapsulated in the adjective "comfortable". Of course, that comfort will be associated with nature, plants - just like the name "tropical". Imagine a relaxing space with natural wooden benches, outdoor baths, lawns and typical tropical plants…

Prioritize rustic materials but not too self-contained like Cottagecore style. You will easily find this tropical style in places like Bali, Hawaii where the light and air are always bright and fresh, with only wood, rattan and bamboo as the highlight for the whole space. In this style, people often prioritize light and hollow, porous and soft interior materials to be able to exude the liberal personality of those who like to fly and be free.


















Finally, the indispensable point in this tropical-style apartment is the greenery. Not the plants with small and chit bodies, tropical plants will be very big and green such as ornamental coconuts, ornamental bananas, persimmons, and aloes. These plants have the ability to spread a natural but very vibrant flavor of the land filled with sunshine.


6. Working area in modern life

Pressure from work in the office space is always an obsession for current employees. With the need to work continuously, people often tend to design residential space combined with a working area. Try to think, how convenient and wonderful will all the work that will be completed right in your own home space become?

Designing apartments with faithful colors is always a smart point when you want to own a workspace at home. Must-have furniture is a large desk, swivel chair, bookcase or shelf for documents. In particular, the shelf is the largest and most prominent item.









The point worth noting for a workspace is the light. Many scientific studies have shown that, when working in a well-ventilated, well-lit environment, the productivity will be higher. Therefore, in the design of home offices, architects always pay attention to the installation of ceiling lights, full table lamps, combined with natural light from the outside to bring space. effective research and creativity for homeowners.

The decoration of the living area and the resting area are the next two details that cannot be ignored in the apartment with a workspace. To become more convenient and professional, the reception area, the room is an indispensable element. Choose soft sofas, convenient drinking tables with compact stimulation and place them in a corner of the room to welcome guests and business partners to visit your office.









All suggestions about interior design trends in 2022 that InDeCoVN provides you. Hopefully this will be useful information for you in decorating and arranging your home space in the most effective way.

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