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If you live in a climate that's hot most of the year, you might prefer a decorating scheme that's dominated by cool colors. Likewise, if you want to feel warmer in your home or specific space, warm colors can help. The effect that color has on visible light may be even more important than temperature. However, perceived brightness has more to do with the lightness of color than whether it's warm or cool. Lighter colors reflect more light than darker and deeper colors. If you want a brighten a space that's short on the sun or artificial light, choose light-reflecting colors. To tone down a room that gets a lot of light, or to add contrast to the brightness, select dark colors, whether warm or cool.
Warm colors are associated with heightened emotions and passion as well as joy and playfulness. Think of the vibrancy of a bright orange or the intensity of a deep, rich red. Warm colors can be stimulating, making them a good choice for rooms that see a lot of activity
The closer the cold, the more we want to talk about comfortable cozy interiors, as for example in this beautiful wooden house.  For some reason it always imagined a welcome winter home for experiencing cold weather.
Mr.Huan' Villa
Stone is a natural material that will bring warmth to your interior, if it is used as a ornament or decoration. Stone has a natural charm and represents the connection of nature and the earth. Attractive stone wall is a nice idea for wall decoration in the living room, which can completely transforms the living space.Stone wall in the living room creates a feeling of cold, all this can be mitigated by setting fireplace to the side where there is a stone wall, which will bring warmth to this space and the whole environment. 
Anna's Family
Homes are meant for living. It is where we spend a major portion of lives time to rest and recuperate. It does well to be surrounded by familiarity especially in a villa. A touch of old world charm brings back memories, is familiar and will also help you find space for things you owned or were handed by family. Embellish your home with old furniture, ornate rugs, hanging chandeliers. Decorate your villa with old paintings. There is a lovely charm in the old and the villa also becomes your legacy to hand over eventually.
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