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Renovation Cost

InDeCoVN we will bring you a new space completely suitable for aesthetic gout and housing demand. In addition, we commit not to incur any costs during the consultation process until the handover of the project.




  • Exclusive design fee: 200.000VNĐ per m2

  • 2D drawing: 300.000VNĐ per m2

  • 3D drawing: 250.000VNĐ per m2

  • Exclusive design fee: 300.000 to 500.000VNĐ per m2

  • 2D drawing: 300.000VNĐ per m2

  • 3D drawing: 250.000VNĐ per m2


  • Free consultation

  • If engage our service:

  1. Reduce design fee: 50% for project's area < 70m2​

  2. Reduce design fee: 30% for project's area > 70m2



  • Wallpaper: from 550.000VNĐ per m2 . Imported from Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea)

  • Paint: from 150.000VNĐ per m2 including 1 coat of primer + 2 coats of finishing paint. Included have many paint brand: Nippon, Delux, Jotun (Norway), My Color, Kova, Spec, Alax, levis...

  • Other wall designs:

    • From 700.000VNĐ per m2 for PVC, outdoor stone (imitation stone wall tiles, natural stone, grinding stone)

    • From 800.000VNĐ per m2 for Industrial wood / Natural wood.

    • From 1.800.000VNĐ per m2 for natural stone ( solid surface, marble, granite...)

2.Flooring and Tiling

  • Ceramic or Homogenous tiles: From 500.000VNĐ per m2

  • Parquet: From 500.000VND per m2 . Imported from Malaysia: Galaxy, Janmi, Woodman, Masfloor and Europe: Kronopol.

  • Marble or Granite: From 1.800.000VND per m2

  • Carpet: 200.000VNĐ per m2

3. False Ceiling

  • From 300.000VNĐ per m2 for gypsum, wood, wood grain cement, corrugated iron.

4. DEmolition works(Wall, ceilings, floors,etc)

  • From 200.000VND per m2 for (breaking, dismantling plank, stone, brick. Finish and return to original condition)

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