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Muji Style  in D7, HCMC

09 /   09  /   2020

Project style:

To design a small and medium-sized apartment space, Muji style is one of the must see ideas for Asian customers or has a passion for Japanese interior style!

In this project, InDeCoVN brings soul into a classical but modern Japanese space with mainly white and wood colors, bringing a feeling of lightness and relaxation.

We use mostly industrial wood furniture to create a pure natural space that adds some elegance to the blending of paintings, Asian photos and granite tiles.

In Muji Style, What we are most interested in is the harmony of customers with the apartment space. This Japanese brand's design style is extremely flattering, creative, not only beautiful but also solid and brings a cool, pleasant and very "chill" space.


Project space:

Muji's style will often equip simple furnishings with living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining areas, restrooms and courtyards. However, according to customer needs, not only should they design a real space "Muji Style" but also be luxurious and modern. That is also what InDeCoVn has dedicated and tried to complete as scheduled.

The soul of an apartment is definitely the living room space and most especially the Muji-style designs. Therefore, in this project, to create a special, InDeCoVN has helped homeowners experience both "old and present" styles, by cleverly combining both living room spaces as a whole. Using fur carpets and paintings with Asian motifs combined with horizontal shelves and sofas creates comfort in a modern space. However, only taking advantage of simple and gentle wooden furniture following the traditional Japanese lifestyle for ancient space. Since then, homeowners can easily enjoy the ancient atmosphere with a tea ceremony table adjacent to a wooden bookcase or with just a few steps through a wall can return to the comfort of modern life " sit on the sofa, sip a cup of tea".

The Muji project bedroom is designed by InDeCoVN to be small but compact with a desk or balcony to relax for comfort or privacy. Large floor-to-ceiling wardrobes are placed close to the wall, large furniture is used as little as possible to allow more open space.


InDeCoVN always commits to perfection in every detail right after handing the project to the customer. Perfection without any adjustments is pride when InDeCoVN joins to create a home where customers can completely relax after a busy working day.


With years of experience and good customer feedback, make an appointment with us today!

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