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Interior Design Consultant

Interior Design Consultant was established in 2020. Our team consist of Project managers, designers as well as  with rich experience in the field of design, construction and furniture for a long time at home and abroad.

Collaboration with our partner in Singapore ID Gallery Interiors. We aim to deliver an international service experience but always fit the needs and financial goals of our clients that is our top priority.




irene VO

As a person with long experience in the field of real estate business and knowledge of law, economics and finance.

With a sharp mind in the field of construction, Irene is going to create a type of interior design service that completely suits the needs and finances of customers. Thereby creating a completely fresh and quality living space.

Coordinate in technical direction on project scope, engineering approach and design criteria. Sustainable thinking by quality has always been the guideline throughout her working process.

Tel: +84 968427840





With more than 8 years of experience in interior design. Delon has provided a lot of optimal projects with the needs of individual and institutional customers at home and abroad.

Having experience working at large corporations such as CPG and RSP Singapore and Vietnam branches, Delon is always proud that he knows what customers want and what he provides will exceed their expectations.

Not only the construction and handover, Delon and InDeCo VN understand customers and what they are looking for, from there will accompany you to build a residential space with their own creativity and enthusiasm. of the whole group.

A talented and passionate design director who can develop and deliver design projects that will help support the company's growth for years to come.

Tel: +84 969931274





Having 5 years of experience in the field of operating and managing customer relationships in large hotels such as: Sheraton, Caravelle Saigon. Nancy Vo is an expert in creating and maintaining strong customer relationships.

Working criteria based on trust and customer satisfaction, she promises to connect and bring the best interior design solutions from InDeCoVN.

Tel: +84 967295598


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