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What is Precast Concrete?

Precast Concrete is precast according to Australian technology, bringing a new construction solution in the construction market in Vietnam. Precast Concrete is a main component for build prefabricated construction or “prefab”. With these precast concrete types, your house will be designed in a prefabricated form without spending too much effort on traditional construction. So what are the outstanding features of this technology, let's find out with InDeCoVN through the article below!







With a long construction process, the work is affected by many factors such as climate and weather, making the progress and quality of the work easily affected when implementing on-site construction measures. Besides, the production of fired bricks is gradually being limited due to serious harm to the environment. Aware of the limitations in traditional brick wall construction methods, many general contractors have boldly applied Precast Concrete precast concrete walls for construction projects.

So, that’s the basic details InDeCoVN will discuss the benefits in the next section.

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1. What are the Structural features of precast concrete?


Precast concrete is a construction method that assembles large-sized concrete wall panels that are prefabricated at the factory. This type of precast concrete is operated according to the structure:

  • Link bolts to form a prefab house by means of a locking jaw or turning.

  • Using cranes installed at the construction site.

  • Using flexible materials and rubber gaskets to complete the joints, joints in the house.

2. Learn to outstanding advantages of precast concrete


Proud to be a new product, Precast concrete can overcome some shortcomings in the traditional construction market. At the same time, this product also has a number of preeminent features to save the cost and construction time of the project, including:


It also costs less to transport partial assemblies from a factory than to move pre-production resources to each site. Plus, as labour efficiency increases, personnel-related costs decline. Save labor costs and mitigating the labour shortage.

Lower environmental impact

Because it will limit states such as noise pollution, emissions, waste and activators commonly found in building construction systems.

Time savings

Time is the essence of the rainy season, and prefabrication will help you manage tighter timelines.


 It is easy to disassemble and move modular construction to various sites. This greatly decreases the demand for raw materials, minimises the resources spent and overall reduces time. Modular construction also allows for versatility in the structure’s design, allowing for an infinite number of possibilities. Since prefabricated building units can be used in various spaces, their neutral aesthetics can be combined with almost any form of construction.

3. How is precast concrete used in construction?


Precast Concrete itself was originally just a precast concrete structure that has existed for a long time in the world and is widely applied in many fields such as: High-rise & low-rise apartments, villas, industrial houses, hospitals, etc. However, Australia is a pioneer country in the world that has successfully researched, developed and applied Precast Concrete for high-rise apartment buildings. Height up to 60, 70 floors and even higher.

Simultaneously with outstanding features in cost savings and easy modification of new designs, precast concrete will be the optimal solution for short-term construction projects such as: Coffee shops, showroom, motels, homestays, etc.

Contact us immediately for more details and free consultation. InDeCoVN is always proud to be the construction unit to help you get the most comprehensive solutions for your home!

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