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Top 7 best of stones in construction design

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

To make your home more perfect, the choice of stone is always noticed. With many uses from being a wear-resistant material, creating durability and solidity in construction, stone is also a top favorite because of its decorative effectiveness. To this day, using stone for interior decoration is always a favorite trend of the construction design market.

What is a stone? How many stones are there in interior design? Based on the material and structure of the stone, users often divide the stone into two types including:

1. Natural stone

Natural stone is considered a "GREEN" material, because it is formed and lasts for a long time in the natural process. This eco-friendly material is the key to long-lasting aesthetics of your beautiful home interior.

So what kind of stone do you know belongs to this group of "GREEN" materials, listed below with InDeCoVN!

1.1. Marble

Marble is the first stone that comes to mind when it comes to natural stone in the construction industry. Because marble has the highest aesthetic value with a variety of colors such as: Red, blue, yellow, gray, white, etc. The patterns on the stone are ripples that do not follow any rules.

With high aesthetics, marble is often chosen to make tea table tops, decorative wall panels for living rooms, or TV walls where a certain aesthetic is needed in the apartment space.

1.2. Granite

Granite is probably the most familiar stone in the lives of Vietnamese people. Granite has a block structure, hard and rough with rounded edges when weathered. This type of stone also has patterns that are mixed in many colors such as: black, white, gray, blue, red, orange yellow, brown... and depending on the distribution of stone patterns will be diverse in types include: fine grain, medium grain and coarse grain.

Because of the ease of application, granite is often present in all apartments as a kitchen countertop, dining table or desk. In addition, granite is also very popular in the construction of floor tiles, bars, and stairs.

1.3. Travertine

Travertine is also known as limestone. This is a very easy stone to mine. Because of its soft structure, it does not bear good forces and is easily permeable and cracked by water and moisture.

Therefore, it is mainly used in construction when making aggregates for concrete or producing cladding, paving slabs... In the field of artistic decoration, travertine is used to make statues, reliefs.

2. Artificial stone

Unlike natural stones, artificial stones are made up of natural minerals. It was born after the result of mixing materials such as colorants, catalysts and additives. This mixture will be bonded together by polymer resin or acrylic glue, vinyl ester. Since then, artificial stone blocks have been born with quality standards and beautiful colors.

Based on the needs and purposes of use, by changing the content of natural minerals and remaining as additives, artificial stone adhesives will be formed in many different types. Follow InDeCoVN to learn about these magical stones!

2.1. Onyx

Onyx is a stone that comes in both natural and artificial varieties. Artificial Onyx is formed from plastic. However, to be able to form natural Onyx, one must combine sedimentary rock with water and the decay process of lime under the continuous transformation in the ground to form.

As its name suggests, this material has a different light penetration ability than ordinary wall stones. However, they are also very brittle, easily broken and fractured in the vein. Onyx has many different colors and brings a magical beauty when there is an electric light.

Onyx is often applied in classic and luxurious designs. Because of the magical shimmer in the light Onyx brings, they are often used for flooring, wall cladding, and countertops in large halls, reception areas of hotels, resorts, and high-class restaurants.

2.2. Marble complex

Complex marble is a low-cost alternative to natural marble. With its structure of polyester resin combined with its natural stone powder, composite marble is lightweight and has a low cost. Has very good sound and heat insulation. Limit bending, breakage during transportation and construction.

With the above characteristics, composite marble is suitable to be used as a material for high-rise designs with limited loads, especially for bathtubs or lavabo tiles, or as a material for interior structures. another in the bathroom.

2.3. Solid Surface

Made from natural stone mineral and acrylic glue, plastic stone is resistant to stains, heat, UV rays, no joints, food safe, can be designed flexibly, durable and multi-color form.

Plastic stone is a material used quite a lot in the interior. Mainly in the design of kitchen countertops, the design has curves that are difficult to work with. Among the types of wall stone used in the interior, especially solid surface, is a highly appreciated choice by customers at InDeCoVN.

2.4. Artificial Granite

Cement stone is composed of 70% stalactite, 30% clay. This stone has an optimal luster. Being dried at a temperature of 1500 diegrees Celsius, cement stone is less scratchy compared to natural stone. Artificial cement stone was born to improve the color and aesthetics of natural stones.

Due to its high aesthetic value, cement stone is also a good candidate for interior decoration projects such as: wall cladding, floor, ceiling, table top, chair, bar in restaurants. Large, splendid hotel.

With the sharing in the above article, InDeCoVN hopes that you have gained new and useful information and knowledge about the stones used in the interior design. If you still have questions about it, please contact us for advice.

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