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How to Renovate Your House in 30 Days?

Currently, The trend of renovating apartment space is very popular instead of having to buy a new one. In addition to the purpose of renovating problems after a period of use such as hygiene, electrical and plumping system, etc , repair and interior decoration will help homeowners get a new aesthetic breeze in its own familiar space. So how long does this process take while the homeowner still has to live and live in their own house? To make the old house sparkle according to your wishes, regardless of the interior decoration team's plan, let's learn the following tips with InDeCoVN!

Home repair can help save more costs than new construction, however, this is also a difficult job, consuming a lot of time, effort and money of the homeowner. In order for home repair to be highly effective, to change a new coat for your home, it is necessary to follow a few principles and pay attention to the following:

1. Have a time and cost plan for implementation

During the actual repair process, the biggest problem that customers always fear is the guarantee of time and cost of implementation. That is also why you should have a clear plan with the items to do when repairing a house. Calculating in advance about time, costs, items to be repaired and setting a completion schedule from the beginning are what the construction department must commit to if they do not want "Customers to become strangers". Why do customers always complain about the length of the project when they think it will not be so long. The extended time will have two consequences: the customer is not able to live at home and the cost will increase due to the extra project time.

The implementation parties will often blame the customer for not having the expertise, there is something simple about each project phase. Since then, the conflict of opinions from the two partners will make the project implementation process more difficult. The construction department always has to race according to the urge of the customer without completely paying 100% attention to the quality of the work.

2. Have a construction process timeline for each part with specific time

Surely when implementing a project if not paying too much attention to every small detail, customers will not be able to know which parts need to be done first, which parts should be done last to optimize work efficiency. Therefore, the customer can only complain the construction time is taking longer than expected without being able to pinpoint the cause. With InDeCoVN's works, we always inform customers of the construction process including the sequence and time of construction of each part in a specific house:

2.1. Ceilings and walls (3 Days)

The first thing when building a house is to deal with problems related to ceilings and walls. This is the area that needs to take place first to end the problems related to noise pollution. At the same time, it is possible to check the original construction quality of the house in terms of: wall balance, absorbency, mold, quality of concrete, etc.

2.2. Tiling (10 - 14 days)

If you do not want to affect the walls and structure of the house, immediately fixing the tiling problems is the next priority. Replacing the brick color according to the wall paint color will make the overall look of your apartment. Or you can overcome the situation of broken, glazed, cracked tiles that will increase the overall aesthetics of your house.

​2.3. Electrical and plumbing systems (2 days)

Electrical systems and electrical-related equipment such as electrical outlets, light bulbs, switches will always be the highlights to evaluate if your home is really different. This is also an important step to check the safety during use. The plumbing system is similar. If the faucets, pipes are cracked, broken in any area can threaten the safety of your own home!

2.4 Windows Installing and air conditioning systems (2 days)

After the installation steps and here are the steps to make your home more comfortable and comfortable!

2.5. Decoration (12 -14 days)

After completing the rough parts, this is probably the part that both the construction department and the customer are most excited about. Decorate the apartment to be more beautiful by using false ceilings, carpets, paints, accessories and furniture. Although they are just small details, they make a big impact on the appearance of the house. At this stage, if the construction department designs a certain style, the customer will feel lost in a new house with the same address.

​House renovation is one of the things to do if your house has been in use for too long. This is also a pretty economical solution for you to enjoy life in a whole new way. Hopefully, the construction process introduced by InDeCoVN will help you have the opportunity to own a better, more beautiful and comfortable living space.

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