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442A Bukit Batok West Avenue 8

13   /   08   /   2018

Collaboration with our partner in Singapore ID Gallery Interiors.

Project style:


A comfortable modern house but not too picky in interior decoration is a trend that young people are aiming for. Because of the nature of work, the trend of activities in today's society is extremely busy, homeowners always want to aim for interior design solutions that are both decent but not too cumbersome and complicated.

To minimize the interior decoration of an apartment with a large area but still not bring a feeling of emptiness and monotony - is a very complicated problem that not all construction organizations can solve. satisfactorily!


In this case, InDeCoVN flexibly designed the house in the form of a glass wall to create a reflection in the entire apartment, thereby creating a sense of fullness without having to decorate too many interiors. In addition, glass walls are also a smart idea to attract light, helping your house always fresh to remove the feeling of bondage in the square box of apartments.

If the design of the apartment is as simple as possible, gray and white is the main color that is hard to ignore. However, in order for the apartment not to become too monotonous, InDeCo creates a highlight for the space with a flexible color changing light system. In addition to the use of lighting, this is also a tool to help the homeowner's home become warmer and more lively!


Project space:

For the purpose of simplicity in decoration, InDeCoVN designs the living room space connected to the kitchen with a see-through glass door. Create a sense of cohesion between spaces, even though they are separate.

A gray sofa and a feather rug will be the highlight of the homeowner's living room. Not too fussy but extremely effective, the sofa will be more lively if there are a few little teddy bears to create cute in the apartment.


InDeCoVN always commits to perfection in every detail right after handing the project to the customer. Perfection without any adjustments is pride when InDeCoVN joins hands to create a home where customers can completely relax after a busy working day.


With years of experience and good customer feedback, make an appointment with us today!

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