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323A Sumang Walk

05  /  02   /   2020

Collaboration with our partner in Singapore ID Gallery Interiors.

Project Style:


With a fairly large area, the construction and interior decoration always requires comfort and still adapted the aesthetic elements. In this project, InDeCoVN brings a quiet and luxurious space to customers who are married and are quite interested in their home space.

With the main color gamut, the combination of a series of cold tones such as green, gray, pale turquoise and white combined with furniture using industrial wood has blown a gentle but warm breath for the family.

Using industrial wood to decorate most of the space in a large house is a cost-effective and aesthetic option. Because this is a material with a reasonable price, but the durability is guaranteed after many years of use. Besides, the modern apartment interior designs all use this variety of wood. Because its versatility is consistent with modern styles, providing very high design efficiency.

Project space:


With apartments, modernity is clearly shown through the way of decorating and organizing the living space of the family. Modern living room always focuses on simplicity but convenience. In this project, the living room is divided into three spaces by InDeCoVN , but not separate but completely separate. A leather sofa with beige fur carpet is the best way to show the warmth and prosperity of your family when you pick up your guests. Separated by a wooden shelf displaying souvenirs is an open space that is overhanged by a wood-lit wooden floor with a picture of a globe motif. This will be the best point in the living room because the homeowner can comfortably chat around or relax. Or even more bolder, this could be a music scene during a party or holiday. In addition, a shelf containing display items will partly show the meticulousness in decorating customers' homes.

The kitchen space is arranged next to the living room space, the kitchen is the place to show the main female talent where making great family meals. Therefore, the bright colors like turquoise will be really suitable to enjoy beautiful memories in each family meal that everyone wants to own.

Each bedroom is decorated differently but still has a concept between green tones and industrial wood, helping homeowners feel the cozy and cohesion of a real home.

The highlight of this apartment is that all spaces have windows with full sunlight, helping to expand the visual space, pushing the white and blue tone of the wall to become bright but not too dazzling.


InDeCoVN always commits to perfection in every detail right after handing the project to the customer. Perfection without any adjustments is pride when InDeCoVN joins to create a home where customers can completely relax after a busy working day.


With years of experience and good customer feedback, make an appointment with us today!

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