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121 Kim Tian Place

Collaboration with our partner in Singapore ID Gallery Interiors.

Design style of the project:

Each project is carefully researched by InDeCoVN according to the needs and space of the apartment of the customer. At the Kim Tian project, we offer a completely modern trendy living space with mainly black, white and wood tones. Following this decoration, the house space will become luxurious and mysterious.

One of the preeminent features that InDeCoVN blows into the soul of Kim Tian space is simplicity but not monotony. The colors are coordinated smoothly so that the room after adding the interior will become lively but not too dazzling. This is one of the color suits for all ages and genders that are very attractive in the interior construction market.

The outstanding designs of the project:

With white background tones, InDeCoVN does not paint, but chooses fake brick wallpapers to create 3D effects in the apartment space. Fake brick wallpaper is one of the leading trends in interior design that adapted construction requirements in a short time. At the same time, in addition to the advantage of color diversity, wallpaper is also the first choice because of its high aesthetics, short-term construction process and easy to repair.

For apartments that are not too large like Kim Tian, ​​InDeCoVN uses opaque white brick wall wallpaper to create the best airy effect for the apartment.

Use a gray L-shaped sofa placed in the center of the living room nestled by the window to create a contrast with the white background tones, giving off a quiet relaxing atmosphere. This is also the optimal way of lighting for a room that is not too large on a white background and is always filled with natural air. At the same time to make a difference in the kitchen space, InDeCoVN has combined a large black kitchen cabinet and a kompac top wood grain design to give the kitchen a timeless but no less mysterious look and feel extremely delicate.


The remarkable point in this white-toned space is the contrasting style of the pillow in the color of each room. When the entrance to the living room space is on a white background with the main theme of wood and black, walking to the kitchen door will immediately feel the magic of the wooden accented black kitchen and gently relax in the room. Relax in the bedroom with the main tone of wood and some neutral color furniture as above. Taking advantage of the contrasting colors in colors to dot the white space background is also very effective for reducing the monotony when decorating apartments with this color gamut.


InDeCoVN always commits to perfection in every detail right after handing the project to the customer. Perfection without any adjustment is the pride of InDeCoVN to join hands to create a home where customers can completely relax after a busy day.

With years of experience and good customer feedback, make an appointment with us today!

16   /   12   /   2019

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