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Collaboration with our partner in Singapore ID Gallery Interiors.

Design style of the project:

Wooden houses, also known as imitation wood, are one of the designs that many people are interested in when they intend to build a family house. Because the wooden house space brings a feeling of intimacy, cozy, luxurious, sophisticated in modern design lines.


In addition, with the main beige tone, customers will comfortably relax after studying, working, etc for a long day. Providing a completely courteous space for customers, InDeCoVN is proud to work very hard and bring into full play their ability so that customers can relax completely in their own space right after construction without having to edit any details.


Bring the fishbone motif as the main breath of the project space:

With a courteous and cozy style, InDeCoVN decided to design houses in 4 main colors: wood, brown, beige and black. Each space in the house is clearly distributed to create a separate space. However, there are still similarities by the imitation wooden wall with herringbone pattern.

The herringbone motif is actually a combination of V-shaped motifs, they are arranged in an optional structure. The origins of this vignette are traced back to the woven pattern and quickly penetrated the realm of housing design and style. Herringbone pattern just helps your home space become cozy and familiar, but at the same time helps to add depth to each wall, making your house more spacious and airy. At the same time herringbone reduces monotony and boredom. These motifs also exude a strong personality of the owner but no less subtle.

A space with elegant colors and patterns is always a great foundation for customers to decorate their interior according to their preferences. Instead of trying to lay out monotone floor tiles and using monochromatic paint colors, InDeCoVN always pursues something new to create greatness in the client's apartment experience.

InDeCoVN always commits to perfection in every detail right after handing the project to the customer. Perfection without any adjustments is pride when InDeCoVN joins to create a home where customers can completely relax after a busy working day.


With years of experience and good customer feedback, make an appointment with us today!

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01   /   10   /   2020

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